Welcome to the OSD Athletic Department

Oklahoma School for the Deaf offers student athletes a sport for every season while providing equal participation opportunities for girls and boys. Fall sports include volleyball and football. Basketball for both girls and boys is offered in winter and and track in the spring.

OSD is a hosting member of Great Plains Schools for the Deaf (GPSD) in all sports. GPSD is a regional conference which includes the following Schools for the Deaf: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Wisconsin. Our athletic schedules include both deaf and public schools and our athletes are very competitive against both. It is our goal in the athletic program that our athletes learn work ethics, responsibility, and team dedication. These attributes contribute to the success of our teams as well as carry over to success in the future!

Our game schedule is avalible for your convience HERE.

Any athletic schedule may be revised. Games may be canceled or relocated. Please call or email to confirm the schedule before you come and watch the games. If you need to ask for directions, or have general questions about the athletics program, please phone or E-mail.

Follow our girls and boys on their road to victory. Show your support and learn more about our parent organization BIG GREEN.

If you are intrested in our Athletic Department and would like to read our Athletic Hand Book you can download it here.