Oklahoma Equipment Distribution Program

Traci Prince

Traci Prince, Director of Student Assessment

Sarah Jameson, Specialist on Deafness

    580-622-4913 -Voice
    866-309-1717 - Voice
    405-294-3977 - Videophone

    The Oklahoma Equipment Distribution Program strives to make communication accessible to Oklahoman's of all ages through various programs. We provide telecommunication devices for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, specialized communication devices, as well as offer a Senior Citizenís Hearing Aid and Childrenís Hearing Aid Program. Qualifying individuals may receive services and equipment at little or no cost.

If you need more information, Contact the Equipment Distribution Program Office at:

Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Oklahoma School for the Deaf
1100 East Oklahoma Street Sulphur, OK 73086-3108

Video Phone: 405-294-3977, or 405-294-3968
1-866-309-1717 (V)

Please note; The hearing aid program only has sufficient funds to provide
ONE non-digital hearing aid per person.