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Family Engagement and Early Language Support

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Our FECS Department is excited to provide services to families in a variety of locations, including right in their own home, free of charge!

Family Engagement and Early Language Supports encompass many of the same goals as the project formerly known as ECCO (Enriching Children’s Communications Opportunities). These educational professionals come alongside parents to support children’s communication and language development. They coach parents on strategies and techniques to engage their Deaf children, as well as providing education to support the child’s future literacy.


Deaf Mentors

Deaf Mentors are certified Deaf adults who work in collaboration with parents and other professionals to support the language development of young deaf  and hard of hearing children in their natural environments. 



Parent Advisors

Parent Advisors are certified professionals who support language acquisition in the home as families work to provide communication opportunities for their deaf and hard of hearing children.

Our Family Engagement and Early Language Supports can be offered to any family of child with hearing loss, age birth through six years. They can be utilized alongside other early intervention services being provided to families. If your family, or one you know may benefit or be interested in our services, please contact us!

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