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Protocol for Oklahoma School for the Deaf if there is a Suspected or Confirmed Positive Case of COVID-19

If staff or students are suspected of COVID-19 infection based on assessment of OSD medical staff (No confirmed diagnosis):

1.      Spaces that have been occupied by students and staff are vacated for 24 hours.

a.      On campus school and student life continues with precaution.

b.      Deep cleaning of all campus spaces begins after the 24 hour droplet settling period.

2.      Students and staff are temporarily relocated to indoor spaces which have been unoccupied during the school year until the 24 hour period and sanitizing process is completed.

a.      Long Hall, Vocational Bldg, and Griffing Hall floors 2 & 3 are unused and prepared to receive students and staff when necessary.

b.      Outdoor space will be used as much as possible during the waiting period.

3.      School resumes in regular spaces with elevated precautions; test results determine the next steps.

a.      A positive COVID diagnosis results in the action steps below (Single case of COVID).

If multiple staff or students are suspected of COVID infection (no confirmed diagnosis), OSD may determine that the safety of our campus is threatened and close for a period of two weeks.  Suspected individuals’ test results will determine our next steps.

If there is a single case of COVID (staff or student):

1.      The staff or student testing positive is sent home for 14 days of isolation; impacted campus is immediately closed for 2 weeks.

2.      Janie King, OSD Nurse Supervisor, reports the case to the Oklahoma Department of Health (OSDH) and Randy Weaver, DRS Chief Operations Officer.

3.      Notify parents and home districts of school closure and that picking up and transporting of students will begin immediately.

4.      Spaces are sanitized 24 hours after being vacated.

5.      Cohort(s) of staff and students which are at risk are identified in consultation with OSDH.

a.      OSD will provide to OSDH to assist in contact tracing:

                                                    i. Classroom seating charts

                                                   ii. Dorm placements

                                                  iii. Bus seating charts

                                                  iv. Class schedules

                                                   v. Extra-curricular groups

                                                  vi. Staff assignments

6.      Letters will be sent to parents and staff informing them of how the positive case impacts them.

a.      Information contained in the letters will follow OSDH recommendations.

7.      All students will transition to distance learning for the 14 days.

a.      Quarantined or isolated staff will telework if possible for the 14 days.

b.      Unaffected staff may return to the workplace if determined safe after the 24 hour and sanitization period.

Any subsequent positive cases will be reported as above and will result in a 2 week campus closure.  All subsequent positive cases will be reviewed in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Health to determine community spread.  If no community spread is found, school resumes on campus after the 2 week closure.


If community spread is determined, campus closure continues for the remainder of the 9 week period in which the incident(s) occurred.  Distance learning for all students continues for the remainder of the 9 week period.


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