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Educational Consulting


Educational Consulting

Oklahoma School for the Deaf Outreach promotes awareness about OSD and provides information on how all deaf and hard-of-hearing students, public schools, their families, and the community can benefit from OSD on various levels.  The OSD Outreach team is comprised of various OSD staff who work collaboratively to provide services statewide. As a statewide resource on deafness, OSD collaborates with families, school districts, agencies, and communities throughout the state to address the language, communication, and education needs of children and students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Community programs allow OSD to advocate for and serve adults who are deaf or hard of hearing as well.






We can help identify a student’s needs in the classroom or help written reports to assist the IEP team



We can help answer questions from team members or parents, aid in the identification/qualification of a hearing loss to start the IEP process, or provide resources and information to families, school staff, related service providers, state agencies, and community organizations.

IEP Support


We Help determine goals, accommodations, equipment, and modifications, Attend IEP meetings, or provide follow-up during the school year.






Educational Consultant Services Form
Educational Resources



An image of Traci Prince

Traci Prince

Director of Outreach
An image of Amy Duncan

Amy Duncan

Educational Consultant
An image of Hailey Weigt

Hailey Weigt

Educational Consultant
An image of Kelsey Bennett

Kelsey Bennett

Educational Consultant