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FEELS Program

Family Engagement and Early Language Supports (FEELS) Program



Baby reading


FEELS early development services for infants and toddlers who are deaf or hard of hearing birth to three take place in the home or community settings. Our highly trained Developmental Specialists partner with families to support their child’s early language development (signing, speaking, listening), pre-literacy development, and cognitive development.

Kid playing outside


FEELS extended development services provide extra support for families and children who are 3 - 5 before entering kindergarten.  Formerly called Project ECCO, Parent Advisors provide services in the home or in the community that focus on opportunities for language and literacy development.

Kids reading


Early literacy development begins in the home. FEELS Developmental Specialists coach parents in age-appropriate literacy development activities. Activities focusing on reading, spelling, and writing are integrated into all program areas to ensure that children who are deaf or hard of hearing develop the foundation of English literacy.