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Student Life COVID Plan



(subject to change at any time)



  • No visitors allowed in the dorms or gym during evening hours.  

  • If a parent/guardian are on campus. Limit one parent in the building to get or give, not to socialize long and the other parent/guardian has to wait in the car or outside. Socializing can happen outside if visiting is wanted.   

  • No other staff in the dorms unless they are working the floor.  We want to limit outside germs in the students' “home”.

  • Day students will not be allowed to enter or stay in the dorms.  


    Mornings 12am-8am 

  • MS and HS Students will stay in their rooms until a staff assigned their area. (Bathroom or living areas)

  • Breakfast will be served by rotation.

    Evenings 4:20pm-12am

  • Students will not be required to wear a mask. 

  • Limit physical contacts, practice social distancing, handwashing and keep hand sanitizers available. 

  • Students will have three family units on each floor.  Each unit will rotate each hour to a different area.

  1. Family Unit 1: Bedroom (social, talk, homework, nap or shower)

  2. Family Unit 2: Living area 1 (watch tv, social, playing board games or any table activities or eating snacks)

  3. Family Unit 3: Living area 2 (watch tv, social, playing board games or any table activities, eating snacks)

  • Staff will plan a lot of outdoor activities where it's easy to social distance.  

  • After each space is used, students are required to clean and sanitize their space before going to the next area.

Recreation Department

  • Currently we decided no outside visitors allowed this also means no day students.

  • Masks are not required for students.  

  • All Staff are required to wear their masks at all times. 

   When activities are scheduled

  • smaller groups allowed no more than 10-12 students each group

  • Activities rotate everyday so students have opportunities to participate in the activity.

  • Activities are limited to less contact.  

  • Plan more outdoor activities if weather permits.

All Student Life Staff are responsible

  • Report any fever, sickness or exposure of self to the supervisor prior to arriving on campus, or any symptoms during working hours.  

  • Temp check at gate before entering campus by department supervisor. 

  • To wear their masks at all times.

  • Wash hands often and keep all areas clean.

  • Monitor students by walking to each area to be sure students are practicing social distancing, monitoring safety and healthy activities and child checks every 15 minutes.  

  • Document child count on paperwork.

  • Report any illness of students to SHC immediately.