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Admissions FAQs

Admissions FAQS

  • Transportation is provided by OSD. Pick-up and Drop-off designations are determined at the beginning of each school year. It may be necessary to contact the Local School District for assistance getting the child to and from the designated pick-up/drop-off location.

  • Admissions is the application process to determine eligibility for attendance to OSD. 

    Enrollment occurs after the Admissions team approves the required paperwork and 

    verifies residency. At the time of enrollment, a start date will be provided.

  • Eligibility:

    (1) a minimum 40 decibel loss or hearing impairment which, even with best correction, adversely affects educational performance; or

      (2) a hearing loss so severe that the individual cannot hear or understand either speech or most sounds in the everyday environment, even with a hearing aid.



    *Copy of Social Security card

    *Copy of Birth Certificate

    *Recent picture of student

    *Current Immunization Record

    *A list of any medications

    *Legal documents-ex. custody/guardianship, etc

    *Transcripts/grades/state testing reports

    *Current IEP/ MEEGS/RED

    *Psychological Testing


    *Speech Evaluation

    *Discipline Records

    *Proof of Oklahoma Residency

  • No, but if a student is accepted during the Spring Semester, they will not be able to start until the following Fall Semester.

  • OSD does not charge students to attend